Four Web Designs that are Likely to Create Big Impact this 2015

Trends come and go and website designs are not an exemption. 2014 was a good year for website designing as new trends such as grid layouts, flat designs and video use as background had kept web designers excited.  In fact, website design Australia is overwhelmed by the high increase in these website designs however such positive response also inspire smart thinkers to come up with new trends that will surely make a big impact this 2015. Here are 4 of them.

#1 Bigger background

Using bigger backgrounds is an upshot of Apple and Google Nexus’ large screen display. Website design Australia is among smart thinkers that assumed that because of these digital devices’ large screen display, website design with a bigger background would upset small and restricted landscapes. As a result, they will opt for bigger background alongside parallax effects to be more on playful mood on typography.

Design Trends#2 Web designing on focus to digital – first approach branding

As more and more companies are realizing that customers are looking for a more responsive online experience, eCommerce website design Brisbane agrees that companies now are dropping traditional branding and they go for digital branding as their initial business move. Web designers are definitely thinking of scaling down web designs for more responsive designs like taking more attention on the smallest details and go for digital-first approach branding.

#3 Card-based designs

This trend calls for content to be more flexible to fit any type and size of screens. Website design Australia agrees that cards are the best way to make it work across all platforms while taking the challenge of not creating dull and boring designs. The challenge sprung from taking cues from Google that initiates the card-based designs as a must-have for a responsive website. Web designers know how Google can dramatically influence web designing and it’s not a mere opinion that card-based deigns will update web design trends in 2015.

#4 Responsive designs to go further more

2014 saw the evolution of responsive website designs, and trend seekers are pushing for responsive web designing practices to go even further. Web designers of online store website design are expecting that designs that go for simple and minimal aesthetics is basic to a responsive website, and that responsive website designs are more likely to evolve to becoming fully customized in answering different customer-online experience. This customized online experience is what creates a big difference in digital store branding.

Since everybody is after responsive designs, one-site-for-all device designs and best responsive designing practices, designers are more likely to come up with designs that are more adaptive to web components by using powerful tools and materials and these will dominate web design trends in 2015.

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