Everything You Need to Know about the RMS Red Card

If you plan to work in Australia, in whatever industry that may be, you will need to undergo training so that you can get certified for the job you are applying for. There are different kinds of certifications but we’ll focus on the RMS red card for now.

Why do you need to train for a red card?

The very obvious reason is that you need this to be able to work as the Australian government decrees. But it is very important because you will get the skills to create some changes when it comes to the Traffic Control Plans, depending on your work location. To be specific, you can do the following:

-      Prepare for and plan a TMP or a Traffic Management Plan

-      Do a scheme for traffic guidance

-      Monitor said scheme for traffic guidance as a RMS traffic controller

-      Close down said scheme for traffic guidance

Note: Finishing this course does not allow you to make changes in Traffic Control Plans when it comes to construction sites. Having this does not allow participants to direct actual traffic too.

What are the prerequisites of  getting a red card?

rmsredWhen you are thinking of getting certified for a RMS red card, you should have at least one of the following:

-      At least 12 months of experience in traffic control

-      At least 12 months of experience in the application of traffic control plans

-      At least 12 months of experience in traffic management and road works

-      You have a Select / Modify ID card (with photo) for Traffic Control Plans

Do I still need the red card when I have a blue, white or yellow card?

Certification in Australia is industry and job-specific. So even if you have a forklift licence and several others in hand, you will still need to undergo training to be able to get the red card.

Other important details about getting certified for a red card

There are numerous colleges and training facilities that offer this. Most of them are now online so you can find one easily and sign up for it immediately. You will get your ID card a few weeks after the training and start working ASAP. The cost of training and certification for the RMS Red Card is $340. Some might be asked to pay a bit more than that but the additional expense may be due to international card fees.

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