aboutThe World of Warcraft is not just a two-dimensional world of fictional online characters. World of Warcraft puts the word “massive” in “massively multi-player online role playing game” (MMORPG).

Even the standard characters of WoW have a complexity level that is unmatched in other MMORPG. As any experienced player will know, each WoW character does not only have a matrix of skills and attributes, this matrix also defines how a character will perform against other characters and weapons.

On this Tip Page, the beginner and advanced player alike is bound to find new things and new knowledge about the characters, their skills, maps, and strategies. There is a lot of ways to win. There is one sure way to lose: skipping this page.

This page is a treasure trove of resources as well. It is both the book of knowledge, the central repository of everything about WoW, a library, and a portal to other resources. This is where you truly begin your journey into conquering WoW.

For some, playing the game is enough. But if you want to advance further than your stock knowledge and skill level as a video game player, you need all the help you can get. This tip page provides the additional push to get your characters over the edge, and leveling up.

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