Few Basic Tips to Play the Game of World of Warcraft

If you like multiplayer games, then there are many you can choose from. Over the years many such games have been introduced to the gaming fraternity. Most of them failed to stand the test of time and got obsolete. However, there is one game which has retained its popularity. It is World of Warcraft. This multiplayer online game was designed and developed by Blizzard and it was launched in the year 2004. It has been more than 15 years, this game has been among the top of the list for the game freaks. In this article, I will present some basic World of Warcraft tips, which you would need to play this gamewow

How to Play World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a simple game, yet it will take you some time to master. If you are a beginner, then the following steps might help you.

System Requirement: Before you get into the game, you must know about the system requirement. You need a Windows OS; from XP to Windows 8. Your system must have Pentium D Processor. A minimum of 2GB RAM and a graphic card to make for enhanced visual effects. If you wish to play online, then you must have a good internet connection.

Getting Started: Let me now take you into the in depth details on how to play the game successfully.

  • Pick your character: This game allows you to choose a customized character which would represent you. There are many such characters available. Choose one after considering their benefits and drawbacks.
  • The Journey Begins: Once you have chosen a character, the game will take you to a story mode which let you understand your objectives.
  • Learn the Movements: You can use your mouse and keyboard to move your characters. Before you get on with the game, learn about various movements.

Get Used to the User Interface: In order to master the game, you must know the interface. You will find information related to your character and pet on the top left corner of your screen, a map, a chat box and an action bar

Play with friends: This game would be more interesting and exciting if you choose multi-player mode for playing the game. You will find Friend’s list on the user interface which contains the followings-

  • Friends Tab: It contains the list of your online friends
  • Ignore Tab: If you wish to stay away from someone, use this tab.
  • Add Friend: Looking for new buddies to play with? This is the tab you should use.

Join a Guild: In case you are willing to interact with multiple players you should join the guild for playing the guild. Here you will find players with different level of expertise.

These are some of the basic World of Warcraft tips. If you want to master the game, then you should try it. There is a warning for you! You might get addicted to it. So, be careful!

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