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World-of-Warcraft-thumbnail2World of Warcraft is a world-wide phenomenon with its wealth of characters and its interactive interface. Not to mention the way it presents the game to make it accessible to everyone everywhere. StoreWoWGold.com aims to make gaming on World of Warcraft a better experience for players in Australia.

This website is a storehouse of tips and tricks for Australian players. It also helps bring them together in pooling their ideas, strategies and their own tips for sharing with other players.

The authors of this blog have extensive experience in gaming in general, and WoW in particular. The site aims to be a central focus and meeting place for varied players of different skill level. Teaching them and helping them out with the game. World of Warcraft is fun, and the site would want to encourage more Australian players to play the game, easing newbies through the intricacies of starting out. This may be a bit daunting for some players who are new to WoW, but on this website, we would want them to feel at home.

Getting to level up on WoW is not a trivial task. It takes lots of patience. Getting the fun level up is just as important as getting more power ups and experience points. If you enjoy the game, we want you to enjoy the site as well.

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