play_warcraftWorld of Warcraft is one of the most exciting MMORPG’s that has a player base of more than 7 million worldwide. As you step into this vast universe filled with adventure and excitement, here are some quick tips to help you maximize your gameplay experience and get you get the best of both worlds from your WoW game time:

Your type of gameplay

The first thing that you should consider is the kind of gameplay you see yourself doing as you progress into the game content. With all things considered, you want to maximize your character for the purpose of your gaming style. Do you prefer to hunt down other players or explore the vast World of Warcraft universe? Perhaps, you want to make millions quickly and max out your farming professions at the least amount of time. Deciding on your focus will help you pick out the right faction and class specialization that helps you gain advantage towards your goals aspirations in-game.

Playing your favorite Class

If you have played an online game in the past then you are familiar with the basic class builds by now and already have a preference as to your niche role in-game. You can start out as a tank class, a melee or spell damage dealer, maybe even a support class. Play the game with the kind of character that gives you the most excitement when playing to maximize your experience and get the most out of the content. For those who are new to gaming, it helps to try and experience every class and have a feel of which role will work best with your personality and gaming style.

Picking your Faction

World of Warcraft centers on the eternal conflict between two warring factions, the Alliance and Horde- pick a side that meshes well with your ideals and immerse yourself in quests that will help you understand and enjoy the vast lore that is one of the reasons why this game is so addicting to millions of players worldwide.

Selecting a Server

Finding friends in-game is easy especially if you play on a server that has the same time zone as your location. The Oceanic servers are the WoW equivalent of the parent server for players in the Australia- Asia regions. It becomes easier to join dungeons and find questing buddies when you sleep and play at the same time. Of course, for the more adventurous nomad, selecting a server from an entirely different time zone will expose you to a majority of players from the opposite side of the globe that can be exciting and exotic in itself.

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