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If you’re a car owner, you’ve probably had that experience when you’re about to enter your vehicle and suddenly could not find your key. It’s a shocker for every driver to have lost a car key in Sydney but the experience is so common, it’s almost like a baptism of fire to any new car owner. In a “Lost and Found” survey done by Pixie, house and car keys were the third most misplaced or lost item for Americans, next to phones and remotes (which take the top spot). While there is no survey done on Australians, it’s a pretty interesting fact that car keys do get lost more often than we think. While the experience can be a great tale to tell to your friends, being locked out of your car can be quite frustrating especially when we make these stupid mistakes.

Leaving the car with keys inside

It all starts with a busy day or having a preoccupied mind. You do your errands, go for a quick stop to pick something up, and leave your car while the engine is running. You come back and voila – you’re locked out! You may not have lost your car key in Sydney but you may have just lost your wits right there. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your car keys inside your car and you just can’t get in. What’s worse, you also tend to leave other important items in the car including your trusty mobile phone! You’re lucky if you could make a call to a locksmith in Parramata to sort things out for you through their mobile service. But if you’re in the Blue Mountains or somewhere in the outback, it’s going to be a tougher situation.

Mixing car keys with other keys

We all love this bad habit. You have so many keys you tend to lump them up in one bunch like a jail warden jangles it. It’s a common solution for people who tend to lose things. They put keys together in one chain but what if you lose all of them? It’s not just a lost car key in Sydney anymore but also lost house keys, cabinet keys, and other keys that you keep. It’s never a good idea to mix your car keys with other keys. It has to have its own separate chain or ring which can then be attached to a clip or carabiner so you can hook it on your belt loop or bag.

Faulty electronic key

Modern cars use electronic key fobs powered by button cells. They are more convenient and offer better security to your vehicle but once it malfunctions; it can be a headache! You can also get locked out of your car for the very simple reason that your key fob’s battery has run out or you’ve simply just been too hard on it. There are key fobs that will allow you to manually open the door of your vehicle but it will not work when you want to start your engine. In this instance, automotive locksmiths are your only best chance of getting your car running again.

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