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Short-term accommodations are now focused on providing entertainment for the guests that is better than at home. This aims to allow guests to do things they do at home while staying at their property such as streaming music, movies, and TV shows. With home automation TV, short term accommodations, guests can experience in-room televisions, enjoy various apps and stream movies and TV shows directly on their TV as well as accessing social media accounts like Facebook.

Improving short term accommodation guests’ satisfaction

TV_install2Every hospitality property aspires to lead the competition. Part of the operating budget is to provide entertainment for the guest in order to merit good satisfaction reviews and ratings. A home theater room set up is just one of the ways of providing guests’ entertainment. This set –up usually has a home theater or an AV receiver, a TV, Antenna, Satellite Box and media streamer. Some may consider this as a costly investment, but wise short-term accommodation knows that satisfied guests are equal to repeat bookings and repeat bookings mean more sales and income. Some budget shirt term accommodation that operates on a small budget make do with the smart TV on their property and add value to it by enclosing or mounting the HD and smart TV in an attractive cabinet or professional wall support system by expert TV wall mounting in Sydney. All these efforts are for guests’ total entertainment satisfaction.

Providing entertainment tailored to the property’s image

A luxurious short-term accommodation will not settle to ordinary home TV set up for their guests. The entertainment set up like home Automation TV must be of the latest technology to match its luxurious image. They hire TV automation specialists that provide each unit with custom TV system utilizing smart home automation technology. Such endeavors allow guests to experience premium AV and TV experience and offering them various options in their TV and entertainment experience. The experience is also at more personalized level thus helping raise the bar of the property’s efficiency and good service.

Providing the best TV experience for their guests has moved short term accommodation to opt to home automation TV which has enabled the property to enjoy a better advantage over competitors. Installing smart TV for guests’ TV entertainment is generally creating a significant impact on bookings and occupancy as past tenants simply can’t help talking about their good TV experience compared to properties still without the said amenity.

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